Your idea: from concept to code

Tenex will design, build, and scale your product. Starting with the user, we engineer a delightful experience that solves a problem. We move quickly to get your application in front of real people and react to their feedback. When you're ready to grow, we support you every step of the way.

Round pegs for round holes

A beautiful engineering solution is simple by design. Our expert developers implement world-class systems with a solid foundation for the future. We don't cut corners because we know your product has a long, long life ahead.

Strength in Agility

Customer feedback is a fundamental part of product development. That's why the Tenex software process is truly iterative. We constantly push code and aggressively test our hypotheses — its the only way to genuinely understand the customer and build something they love.

10x Your Product. 10x Your Business. Tenex Developers.

Web & Mobile Development

We have tons of experience building responsive, massively scalable web applications. We've built gorgeous native applications on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Our software is built on modern technology stacks — and you're welcome to bring your own.

Performance & Security

Our job is much more than just connecting the user with a solution. We have a duty to give the user a snappy experience while also protecting your most sensitive data from attackers, and our engineers take that seriously. We rigorously assess performance bottlenecks and security risks to solve them before they hit production.

Engineering Best Practices

The longevity of your company depends on the quality of your product. From technical practices like continuous integration testing and continuous deployment to soft skills like coaching and hiring, Tenex is here to build the technology foundation that fits your business.

Let's chat

Drop us a line and let us know what you're looking for. One of our talented engineers will reach out to discuss how we can help.