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Tenex has built a business around developing software using the best tool for the job. Although we have our favorite technology stacks, we don't box ourselves in.

web apps

Web apps

Our engineers have built web applications for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s. Some of our favorite technologies include Go, Phoenix (for the Elixir programming language), Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, Vue, and React. We also have extensive experience with PHP and have helped companies who have outgrown Wordpress. Our production applications receive more than five million hits per week.

mobile apps

Mobile apps

We develop mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone on their native platforms as well as with cross-platform tools such as Cordova and React Native, which can help you get to market faster. If you are building a website and mobile app concurrently, we will architect both to consume a common backend, thus reducing waste. We can also explore making a Progressive Web App which looks and feels much like a native app, but works on the web as well, and can be used offline.

data integration

Data integration

We can turn your data into powerful business intelligence with tools like DOMO. And once you've gained insight from the data, let us automate your business processes (like email marketing or invoicing) to reduce waste. We can show you how high your ROI can be!



"Robot" comes from the Czech word "Robota," meaning "drudgery" or "forced labor." Let us enable you to stop having your valuable humans' time squandered by drudgery. We can help you move repetitive tasks into single commands executed in Slack, Discord or other company forums in a way that is as novel as it is effective.

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ux ui design

UX/UI Design



customer feedback

Customer Feedback




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Josh Jordan

Chief Executive Officer

Liam Bowen

Chief Technology Officer

Libby Rodriguez

Software Developer

Nick Jordan

Director of Operations

Will Porter

Software Developer