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Agencies have rightfully earned a bad reputation in this industry. All too often, a great idea is stamped out of existence by a project that’s gone way over budget. If your project does survive the initial build, you’re left with a mess of code that won’t scale, forcing you to discard your prototype and start from scratch.

Meanwhile, software organizations all over the country are writing poor code in-house, resulting in fragile systems that are extremely costly to change. Worse yet, flaws in their development process lock teams into mediocrity.

We formed Tenex because we don’t accept this as the state of our industry. Tenex is our way of making a positive contribution to the world of software. We have a passion for building phenomenal systems that delight our customers and drive their businesses. Further, we want to give them a platform and a framework for building great things in the future.

With those goals in mind, Tenex came together in the first half of 2016 and opened offices in New York and Boston. In addition to working with our wonderful clients, we’ve found zen in working on our own projects as ways to explore new technologies and hone our product development chops. Check out what we’re up to over on our [Projects] page.


I’m glad you asked. The so-called “10x developers” are said to be those that are 10x as productive as others, or work 10x as quickly, or write 10x fewer bugs. To us, it’s not just about being the best at what we do. To be certain, we do hire only the best of the best - only those with a proven track record of delivering great work.

However, at Tenex, the definition goes beyond all that. At Tenex, the question we always ask is “How do we expand our scope?” You’ll hear it many times if you work with us. How do we make our team 10x more effective? How do we make this product reach 100x more users? How do we make this software scale to 1000x the load? We’re not interested in linear, incremental improvements. We’re focused on exponential gains that explode the potential of everything we touch.

Who we are

Picture of Josh Jordan

Josh Jordan

Chief Executive Officer

Josh is an seasoned software engineer who has a passion for building delightful user experiences and impactful products. After being bitten by the startup bug, starting Tenex Developers was a natural move.

Previously, Josh served as the architect for Financial Diligence Networks, a startup in the alternative investment industry that was acquired by Novus Partners in 2015. Josh also worked on the speech understanding services that power the Amazon Echo.

Picture of Liam Bowen

Liam Bowen

Chief Technology Officer

Liam has been building fascinating and complex software since his childhood. As the Chief Technology Officer at Tenex, Liam is responsible for ensuring we build robust, scalable, and maintainable systems. He has been instrumental in raising the level of quality at Tenex and systemizing our business. Before founding Tenex, Liam did freelance work, and had been a software engineer at Capital IQ and Xerox Litigation Services.

Picture of Libby Rodriguez

Libby Rodriguez

Software Developer

Libby is an experienced full stack developer with a passion for the frontend. She is a pro at communicating and hungry to play an impactful role in anything she's involved with. Before Tenex, Libby was a software engineer at Ciena Corporation after receiving her Masters degree from RPI.

Picture of Nick Jordan

Nick Jordan

Director of Operations

Nick is our jack of all trades; master of some. Going with the Tenex mentality of wearing many hats, Nick handles everything from preparing contracts to invoicing to managing travel arrangements. Likewise, when something administrative needs doing and no one else wants to do it, Nick will get it done!

Picture of Will Porter

Will Porter

Software Developer

Will is a passionate software engineer with a diverse background of professional and personal experience. As a professional, Will has served as a full-stack software engineer, a software architect, and a penetration tester both for large corporations and small contractors. In his time at FactSet Research Systems, he was part of a small group that designed and implemented a authentication and authorization service for over 100 of FactSet's Web Services and websites. With a love for both all-things-secure and best practices, Will brings his knowledge of secure and maintainable code to all projects he receives.