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May 30 2017

TENEX AND THE FUTURE OF THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY I was a guest at an event created to highlight and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the Construction Industry. It was hosted by the Irish-Estonian Business Network (IEBN). The event opened with short (but very relevant) speeches by Frank Flood, Ambassador of Ireland to Estonia and Dara Murphy, the Irish Minister of European Affairs. Their common theme was that both Ireland and Estonia are perceived to be leaders in software innovation in Europe.

Jul 4 2017

Tallinn, July 4 2017 - So I had the pleasure of attending Fourth of July celebrations at the US Ambassador’s residence in Tallinn. The event featured around 1300 guests, and among them were several local celebrities, politicians, as well as representatives from the defence and diplomatic communities based in Estonia’s capital. As one could imagine, it was a fun and interesting event. If someone knows how to throw a party, it is the Americans (or, as we say back in Canada, "

Jul 20 2017

Clutch Recognizes Tenex Developers! Since our inception, Tenex has been committed to providing superior software, at least 10 times better than our competition. We believe most agencies have rightfully earned a shitty reputation; they leave clients with incomplete, broken, or unmaintainable software. At Tenex, we believe that fundamentally, as an industry, we can do better. That’s why we got into this business. Oh, and we also love to build things!

Jul 7 2017

Have you ever accidentally lost access to an online account? Have you ever found yourself loosing track of which password goes with which account? (Keep in mind that using the same password for all your accounts is a big internet security no-no) Perhaps you’ve been the victim of a cyber-attack that compromised your information? These are frustrating situations that many of us have been in at one time or another. Seeing the dreaded red text “That username or password doesn’t match our records” is certainly an annoyance.

Jan 10 2016

Handy Rails Gems


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At Tenex, Ruby on Rails is one of our favorite technologies. This is in part because of the vibrant ecosystem of high-quality Gems available that streamline development. Some of these gems are indeed applicable to nearly any project. Here’s a list of some of our favorites.

Jun 10 2017

Deploying Phoenix Apps


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Many facets of Rails development are transferrable to Phoenix. Ecto migrations, for example, are extremely similar to ActiveRecord migrations. Deployment is not one of those things that Elixir and Ruby have in common. This article help you navigate the differences and leverage the power of the BEAM!