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Sep 7 2017

A research group from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom has developed a software module that aims to forecast solar energy service in order to increase the efficiency of the distribution system and reduce energy costs. Sheffield Solar, based in the Department of Physics at the University of Sheffield has come up with a new service which is able to provide forecasts for solar energy generation. It is designed to look ahead and provide information on cloud coverage for the next 72 hours in the UK and providing that information to arrays of photovoltaic cells (solar farms).

Sep 5 2017

A new technology created by scientists at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland will eventually allow smartphones to act as if they were tactile. In other words, they will be able to carry out a number of tasks just by recognizing the surface it sits on. The given name is SpeCam, a program that seeks to enable phones to use their built-in camera to recognize what materials it is exposed to.

Sep 4 2017

The notion that one day in the future computers will be able to comprehend and even make up stories has inspired and guided curious humans, take scientific researchers, programmers and sci-fi writers as the best examples of that, for many years. We may be tempted to ask, could artificial intelligence one day be able to read and understand the merits of a good story? Now an answer might be within reach.

Aug 25 2017

Some exciting news comes from Android’s recent release of a revolutionary feature for devices running their software. It’s usually been the case that, when browsing popular websites on your Android device, you have the choice of viewing a mobile version of the website or installing the company’s app. This is not necessarily true anymore! The problem with many mobile websites is that they are sometimes treated as an after-thought. The desktop version is built and perfected then it is altered to meet bare minimum functionality on a mobile device.

Aug 24 2017

A new study from Oxford University that was recently published states that a new method to determine the value of new technologies in the information and communications sector. This is an important gap that has been closed in existing techniques, and could also create a decision-making tool for investors. Until now, a variety of methods have been used to assess how much new technologies are worth. These are models that use both quantitative and qualitative approaches.

Aug 21 2017

Seems Legit!


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A team from New York University led by Professor Lakshminarayanan Subramanian developed a new way to use machine-learning algorithms to tell original and counterfeit products apart. This novel approach to using machine learning was presented last Aug. 14 at the annual KDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. “The underlying principle of our system stems from the idea that microscopic characteristics in a genuine product or a class of products—corresponding to the same larger product line—exhibit inherent similarities that can be used to distinguish these products from their corresponding counterfeit versions,” explains Subramanian, a professor at NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

Aug 20 2017

A Virus from the Cold


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Last June 27, computer systems across the world were attacked with a ransomware virus that would infiltrate a network, infect computers and hopelessly encrypt the data contained therein, while displaying a message requesting the victim to send 300 dollars (USD) in Bitcoins to an anonymous email address in order to receive the key to decrypt the affected hard disk. That attack was especially successful across the NHS (National Health System) in the United Kingdom.

Aug 16 2017

Researchers never cease to surprise us. This time around, scientists from Carnegie Melon University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have come up with a new Big Data Analysis method that revises large databases of patents, inventions, research papers and proof-of-concept diagrams in order to identify ideas that can be put to use in other applications, or even create new products altogether. Their approach was twofold: they engaged crowdsourcing to obtain the initial (raw) comparative data, and a method of artificial intelligence called “deep learning”.

Aug 15 2017

Consider the Virtual Office


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For many people, the idea of being tied to the computer at their desk is an outdated concept. Rightfully so, as online tools are changing the way the average person works. The concept of working from home has been around for quite a while but was often inaccessible to many office workers. As more companies focus on digital markets, and, with the advent of more powerful tools & services, so called “Working Remotely” is becoming a regular part of the way many businesses operate.

Aug 9 2017

“Big Data” has become something so valuable that it never even had a chance to be a mere fad. It blasted straight through the buzzword phase in order to become something easily recognizable for its sheer value: an actual field that holds so many promises we are yet to realize. The applications are countless. One case in point that transcends all metaphors and allegories is a new paper published in American Mineralogist, in which scientists report they have for the first time found an application for network theory (mostly used for the analysis of social media connections, terrorist networks and the spread of disease) in the field of mineralogy.

Aug 3 2017

I remember when, many years ago, the famous Italian author and philosopher Umberto Eco gave a lecture at the Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò - New York University (NYU) regarding the history of language and data collection. He eloquently laid out the seemingly simple and natural path of media evolution: from the keeping of information through oral tradition to stories, messages and laws being carved into stone, or engraved in wood; followed by the invention of paper, the advent of printing press, movable types, typewriters, automated linotyping, computers, magnetic media and lastly, optical media and a World Wide Web containing such information similes in ever increasing volumes.

Jul 28 2017

And the app attacks!


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From social media to online banking, from ordering food, car rides, to arranging dates, playing games, monitoring real-time health stats and performing inventory tracking (plus a myriad of other utilities), smartphone applications (or commonly known as ‘apps’) have revolutionized how entire aspects of work and life happen. Now we can finally say that computers have become pocket devices and they are so pervasive now that even children are able to operate them, and they appear to be more skilled than many adults at that.

Jul 27 2017

Software development is conducted under one of two methodologies: Agile or Traditional. Agile processes offer benefits over traditional methods in just about every field. Often the most impactful benefit of Agile development is the cost savings over traditional practices. Here’s a look at why all of the work we do here at Tenex is done with Agility in mind! The methodology a developer chooses dictates the entire approach they’ll take from start to finish for creating software.

Jul 25 2017

This was a sold out event with 53 stakeholders present, among them: pharmaceutical industry representatives, US Embassy personnel, University of Tartu professors and doctors, representatives from Information Technology service providers. The guest speakers were the Minister of Health (and leader of the Estonian Social Democratic Party, the junior party in the current government’s coalition), Jegveni Ossinivoski, as well as Tanel Ross, Chairman of the Haigekassa (Estonian Public Insurance Agency). The Minister who was the first to speak.

Jul 20 2017

Clutch Recognizes Tenex Developers! Since our inception, Tenex has been committed to providing superior software, at least 10 times better than our competition. We believe most agencies have rightfully earned a shitty reputation; they leave clients with incomplete, broken, or unmaintainable software. At Tenex, we believe that fundamentally, as an industry, we can do better. That’s why we got into this business. Oh, and we also love to build things!

Jul 7 2017

Have you ever accidentally lost access to an online account? Have you ever found yourself loosing track of which password goes with which account? (Keep in mind that using the same password for all your accounts is a big internet security no-no) Perhaps you’ve been the victim of a cyber-attack that compromised your information? These are frustrating situations that many of us have been in at one time or another. Seeing the dreaded red text “That username or password doesn’t match our records” is certainly an annoyance.

Jul 4 2017

Tallinn, July 4 2017 - So I had the pleasure of attending Fourth of July celebrations at the US Ambassador’s residence in Tallinn. The event featured around 1300 guests, and among them were several local celebrities, politicians, as well as representatives from the defence and diplomatic communities based in Estonia’s capital. As one could imagine, it was a fun and interesting event. If someone knows how to throw a party, it is the Americans (or, as we say back in Canada, "

Jul 1 2017

Tenex is proud to announce that we have joined AmCham Estonia - The American Chamber of Commerce, based in beautiful Tallinn. The benefits for all those involved are remarkable: we will now be able to network and deal directly with the biggest movers and shakers in the local market, as we will be dealing directly with American and Estonian commercial interests (not to mention we will also be able to serve businesses based in neighboring countries, given Estonia’s strategic location in the Baltic Sea).

Jun 10 2017

Deploying Phoenix Apps


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Many facets of Rails development are transferrable to Phoenix. Ecto migrations, for example, are extremely similar to ActiveRecord migrations. Deployment is not one of those things that Elixir and Ruby have in common. This article help you navigate the differences and leverage the power of the BEAM!

May 30 2017

I was a guest at an event created to highlight and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the Construction Industry. It was hosted by the Irish-Estonian Business Network (IEBN). The event opened with short (but very relevant) speeches by Frank Flood, Ambassador of Ireland to Estonia and Dara Murphy, the Irish Minister of European Affairs. Their common theme was that both Ireland and Estonia are perceived to be leaders in software innovation in Europe.

Jan 10 2016

Handy Rails Gems


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At Tenex, Ruby on Rails is one of our favorite technologies. This is in part because of the vibrant ecosystem of high-quality Gems available that streamline development. Some of these gems are indeed applicable to nearly any project. Here’s a list of some of our favorites.