Aug 25 2017

A Handy New Android Feature: Instant Apps


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Some exciting news comes from Android’s recent release of a revolutionary feature for devices running their software. It’s usually been the case that, when browsing popular websites on your Android device, you have the choice of viewing a mobile version of the website or installing the company’s app. This is not necessarily true anymore!

The problem with many mobile websites is that they are sometimes treated as an after-thought. The desktop version is built and perfected then it is altered to meet bare minimum functionality on a mobile device. (Obviously, those development companies missed a step in the process of understanding their customers’ needs.) The result can be a sub-par user experience. Installing apps uses data and takes up storage space on your device.

Instant Apps offers a viable middle ground. You can use the important features of a site’s app without ever having to install anything. A short confirmation allows the user to open the Instant App, make use of it, and be rid of it upon closing. This is a huge improvement for those with little memory on their phones or who already have many apps installed. You now no longer have to choose an app to delete before being able to try a different one.

The only system requirement is that you have at least Andoird 6.x Marshmallow installed on your device. Instant Apps is not supported on earlier operating systems as of yet, though more functionality is coming soon.

If you want to enable Instant Apps on your device, find your way to the Google menu in your Settings. Scroll through the options, they are usually sorted alphabetically. Click on Instant Apps (if you don’t see it available, check your OS version as it may not be compatible at the moment) and hit the switch to turn it on.

Being such a new development, this feature is limited to a handful of offerings. This is poised to change quickly, however, as many large brands are already putting together Instant Apps versions to reach the blooming new audience now available. If you have an app/idea and want to capture this new market, now is the time to act. Contact Tenex today to get the ball rolling!