Jul 20 2017

Clutch Recognizes Tenex Developers


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Clutch Recognizes Tenex Developers!

Since our inception, Tenex has been committed to providing superior software, at least 10 times better than our competition. We believe most agencies have rightfully earned a shitty reputation; they leave clients with incomplete, broken, or unmaintainable software. At Tenex, we believe that fundamentally, as an industry, we can do better. That’s why we got into this business. Oh, and we also love to build things!

Recently we have been featured on Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews site for IT & software solution providers. We have been featured on Clutch because we have proven that we deliver impactful projects for our clients, without any drama. At Tenex, we pride ourselves on creating successful software for our clients. Here are samples of what our clients have said about us.

“Tenex Developers promise and deliver a lot. If they promise they can do it, they’ll do it. That’s pretty awesome.”

“If it’s possible to do, they can do it, and they can do it very professionally and usually at a decent price.”

We get the job done, and we do it right. We are excited to be recognized for our commitment to our work. We take pride in what we build and we believe in continuously improving our efforts. We look forward to helping you achieve your big goals for your business. We provide quality without sacrificing price. If you have a big, nasty technology problem, don’t hesitate to chat with us.