Jul 7 2017

Tools to Increase Productivity: Password Management


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Have you ever accidentally lost access to an online account? Have you ever found yourself loosing track of which password goes with which account? (Keep in mind that using the same password for all your accounts is a big internet security no-no) Perhaps you’ve been the victim of a cyber-attack that compromised your information? These are frustrating situations that many of us have been in at one time or another. Seeing the dreaded red text “That username or password doesn’t match our records” is certainly an annoyance. Re-entering your login info and receiving it again can be enough to make your heart drop! Now you must spend extra time trying to recover your account, or worse, you may have to worry about identity theft! Thankfully there is a secure, free solution to keep track of your personal information: Password Management Services.

There are a few solid reasons to use a Password Manager like Dashlane , Keepass, or 1Password. The prime draw is the convenience of having all your login credentials in one place while still keeping them thoroughly secured. A spreadsheet or Notepad file saved on your computer may offer the same convenience, but puts your sensitive information at risk. Another positive is that these programs are able to generate secure passwords for you. While your puppy’s name is a memorable password, it is easily guessed and not very safe to use. In addition to online accounts, you can also store a plethora of other important information. Most services have pre-setup forms to save SSNs, Credit Card numbers, Wi-Fi network information and many others.

In business, it is often necessary for more than one person to have access to confidential company information. These services are a safe way to share this info virtually with only those who you grant permission. For example, 1Password has a “Team” account that allows co-workers to be linked together. The account manager has a dashboard that lets them grant or revoke membership in the account. They can also adjust who has access to the different “Vaults” or collections of information. Using this system, an entrepreneur can safely organize all of their sensitive information and permit certain employees to use it as needed.

Password Management Services are powerful tools in keeping your sensitive data safe and organized. They offer benefits to the personal user and the entrepreneur alike!