May 30 2017

Tenex and the future of the Construction Industry


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I was a guest at an event created to highlight and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the Construction Industry. It was hosted by the Irish-Estonian Business Network (IEBN). The event opened with short (but very relevant) speeches by Frank Flood, Ambassador of Ireland to Estonia and Dara Murphy, the Irish Minister of European Affairs. Their common theme was that both Ireland and Estonia are perceived to be leaders in software innovation in Europe. Ireland is a leader namely in Fintech and the attractiveness it provides to large, established companies; while Estonia is renowned in e-government services and for having a very favourable startup climate.

The event was led by Leo O’Neill, CEO and Founder of HML Project Management, a successful Irish-Estonian company that interfaces Information Technology with Construction Technology and Practices. The other speakers were Annika Salak, the CEO of startup named LeanSite that builds an app to optimize project management in the construction industry, and Kadi Metsmaa from ESPLAN - a pioneer in the local scene (established back in 1989 under a joint venture between the then-Soviet government and a Finnish investor); they are a success story in Architecture and Construction Project Management.

Each one of the speakers had important points to raise about how Information Technology benefits Construction and they had several examples on hand; they also covered the existing gaps that need covering. One of the greatest challenges in the Industry is that, while building codes may be completely different in each country, companies do not usually share ideas, information or technology; yet the pressure for innovation and optimization is such that it is expected that by 2050 construction trades will be completely different from what they are today and the ones from today may no longer exist by then. In light of that reality, Tenex is ready for the challenge. Our engineering practices enable us to assist clients in providing the following services:

  • Model Design

  • Clash Resolution

  • Cost Control

  • Service Prediction

  • Asset Management

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Design Simulation/Optimization

  • Risk Assessment

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Reliable and Detailed Planning

  • Project Management

Virtually every company here in Estonia is faced with problems related to growth and managing the growing revenue and customer base, and the Construction sector is no different. That presents an opportunity for Tenex to leverage our knowledge and experience as to make our partners thrive in this exciting environment. In our portfolio of achievements, we have already created a successful SaaS product for Construction. Among all the design and planning tools out there, it is suites that provide full Building Information Management (BIM) which will loom large as the biggest promise to revolutionize construction practices. You can count on Tenex to help you get there! Give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will match your vision with a high quality product.