Jul 1 2017

Tenex Joins the American Chamber of Commerce - Estonia


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Tenex is proud to announce that we have joined AmCham Estonia - The American Chamber of Commerce, based in beautiful Tallinn. The benefits for all those involved are remarkable: we will now be able to network and deal directly with the biggest movers and shakers in the local market, as we will be dealing directly with American and Estonian commercial interests (not to mention we will also be able to serve businesses based in neighboring countries, given Estonia’s strategic location in the Baltic Sea). And as an additional perk we will provide great discounts to business partners, while being able to participate in the Chamber’s busy and exciting social agenda.

Members of the AmCham Estonia® are now entitled to a 30% discount on their first ten thousand Euros spent on a project with us, besides having more discount opportunities that can be negotiated depending on their operational and delivery needs.

We strongly believe that such a move will allow us to continue expanding our operations. Like every successful enterprise out there, we started out small, but we are now experiencing a period of expansion, and as a consequence we are beginning to brandish a global presence to match our ambition which is to satisfy our thirst for excellence in serving our partners.

It is worth mentioning that Tenex has a very strong track record in creating innovative solutions for the healthcare, insurance, finance, logistics and defense industries. But now, thanks to this newest development, we are officially ready and available to help our future partners right here in Europe become heroes to their clients.

This is an exciting new chapter in the history of Tenex, as we seek to further our pursuits in this futuristic promise that Estonia has become: a success story in Information Technology which has grabbed worldwide attention.

We would like to thank Indrek Laul, AmCham President and Kathleen Naglee, AmCham Vice-President for having welcomed us into the Chamber; and the very helpful (and ready) staffers: Daria Sivovol, Maria Romanjuta-Kuuspu and Marina Pushkar. And last but not least, we would like to extend our gratitude to Nicole Johnson, Economy Officer - US Embassy Tallinn who also serves as AmCham Estonia’s Ex-Officio Member of the Board.

For further information, please check out our AmCham Estonia introduction page at http://amcham.ee/tenex-developers/