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99.99% uptime guarantee from engineers that can wrangle any issue, even at the application level

What is managed hosting?

Managed hosting means we handle all the nuts and bolts of keeping your application running in the cloud. We handle network & data security, monitoring, backups, security patching, server maintenance, and more. Contrast this with offerings like Amazon Web Services, where Amazon hosts cloud-based machines, and then you’re on your own. If your server goes down, you’re on your own to figure out why and fix it - while you’re on the hook with your customers. If you don’t have engineering resources dedicated to maintaining your cloud and being on-call 24x7 for emergencies, managed hosting is for you.

In addition to that, we offer:

Cloud-based computing, ready to scale up or down at your request. Ask us about scaling based on realtime business metrics! On-call for routine or emergency services such as server configuration, DNS management, automated deployment, etc. We proactively spot application-level security issues and work with you to resolve them quickly

How are we different?

Even the top managed hosting firms draw the line at application-level concerns. They provision a box and then become completely hands-off. We don’t. We know that software just isn’t that simple. We’ll do everything from helping you choose the right hardware, operating system, and packages, to finding and fixing show-stopping bugs in your app.

On top of that, we typically beat our competitors on price, and give the same uptime guarantee. Why not let us be your on-call team?

Wait - aren’t you an agency?

We are! And being a full-service shop means that managed hosting is a natural part of what we do. We host complex applications both for ourselves and for our clients, who often do not have the expertise or desire to manage their own machines. To serve them well, we needed the same infrastructure and processes that leading hosts typically build. Before we knew it, we realized we had built a managed hosting business. What kind of engineers would we be if we didn’t extract and scale that as a service