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At Tenex, we fundamentally believe in continuous improvement and pragmatism. We draw on our past experiences to make sure that we’re constantly learning. The lessons we’ve learned teach us to be agile while still maintaining our almost impossibly high bar for quality.

We believe in having big, audacious dreams, and realistic plans to achieve them. We like to choose a clear goal, and then attack it aggressively. There’s no time to meander - your business can’t afford that.

But big goals alone are not enough. Big goals get out of control and lead us away from the holy grail: customer validation. We temper this by working in quick iterations, so that we can get customer feedback that lets us adjust course early and often

Approaching software pragmatically means choosing the minimum set of “stuff” to build to accomplish our goals. As such, you’re never going to hear a Tenex developer suggest a big build or a from-scratch rewrite. We start from an empty whiteboard and add functionality until we believe we hit our goal, not the other way around.

We’re data-driven in everything we do. We’ll rely on market data and customer metrics to guide our decision making, and put systems in place to gather data to fill in our blind spots.

These principles come together as a philosophy of testing our concepts before we invest in them, and then investing in scalability once we’ve found our winner.

Finally, we know our code will live on with your system for years to come, and it should be maintainable over its lifetime. That’s why we can never sacrifice on quality. We extend this concept from our code to our processes, too. Whether its an analytics tool or an engineering team, we build things such that the customer can operate them, even if they’ve never touched a data warehouse or led developers in their life.